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our history

950 Lounge was the birth child of Kevin & Charles Pryor. From doing their first broadcast in a local restaurant to now broadcast globally, 950 Lounge has come a long way. Along with the Pryor Brothers, the team is capped off with a fantastic cast of people (Eddie Brown, Justin Phillips, and Stephanie Domenech).

The best thing about the #bestteaminradio is the unique candor and chemistry they bring to the world every weekday morning. 

Kevin Pryor
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AKA "950Kev” & "TheLebronJamesoftheRadioGame”

Kevin is a Media Personality, Advertising Consultant, and the creator of 950 Lounge. Mr. Pryor has worked in advertising for over 16 years providing marketing strategies for some of America's biggest brands. Companies such as Sony, Subway, & McDonald's have used Kevin's marketing vision to become more productive.  Over the last 6 years, Kevin has been at the helm of 950 Lounge. Taking the program from a simple Internet Show, to a daily terrestrial platform heard in multiple markets through North America.

Charles Pryor
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AKA "The Fun Guy”

Rodeo is the true inspiration and funny guy behind 950 Lounge. You never know what to expect or hear out his mouth.  Charles has been doing stand-up comedy for about a decade working/ sharing the stage with some of America's funniest comedians.  Charles is also an inspiring actor having a role in the CBTV cult film “Brooklyn Vampires”.

Eddie Brown
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AKA "Backstage Ed”

Backstage Ed is exactly his name. Loves to be in the background making all the magic happen. He comes out the shadows to provide his opinions on 950 Lounge every day. Eddie works by day as a Technology professional for NYC Hospital Corp.

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AKA "Jus The Classic Man”

Jus has never met a bar or a lovely female bartender he didn’t like.  The undisputed “MVP” of 950 Lounge. The “ClassicMan” never has a problem speaking his mind good, bad, or ugly. Justin is true professional, and through his vast knowledge and education brings strong opinions and details to the show.

Stephanie Domenech
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AKA “StephPearl” & “ Ginger Grant” 

Steph Pearl is so much more than a pretty face.  It's not an easy job being the “ first lady of 950 Lounge” but Stephanie finds her way and brings solid opinions on issues that affect our world. Along with being a co-host, Steph has been an accomplished Model & Star-tender throughout New York.  She is now taking on another vocation has an inspiring Photographer.